What is the difference between unit standard and non unit standard based forklift training?

Unit Standard based training produces nationally recognized qualifications that ensure clear outcomes are recognized and awarded in a consistent manner. Candidates who achieve the standards, gain credits which are recorded on the centrally managed Record of Achievement. Because the assessment standards are nationally agreed, candidates’ achievements can be recognized in a number of contexts such as working towards obtaining additional qualifications.

What is the vehicle tow rating required for a 6m Electric Scissor Lift on a trailer?

2.5 tonne

What is the vehicle tow rating required for a 8m Electric Scissor Lift or 6m All Terrain Scissor Lift?

3.5 tonne

What is the advantage of a Push Around Scissor Lift?

  • Safer version of a ladder.
  • Lightest piece of access equipment in the fleet.

What is the weight of your lightest piece of access equipment?

370kg, this is our 3m Push Around Scissor Lift model S3010P

Do I have to wear a harness while using elevating work platforms?

This is recommended by best practice guidelines in scissor lifts however not compulsary. This is compulsary while using boom lifts and trailer mounted elevated work platforms. 

What is the maximum tilt that an Electric Scissor will operate with?

2 degrees.