Water Filled Barriers


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Temporary Water Filled Barriers

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The Safe Hire Safety Barrier is designed to have the greatest energy absorbing capability. This provides a greater degree of safety and a lower risk of injury with any vehicle impact. The height of the barrier is 1m (which conforms to CoPTTM section B6). Therefore additional safety fencing should not be required, unlike other barriers. Each barrier has a drain point on each side allowing water to be drained safely without entering live traffic lanes and the fill point is designed so water can be sucked out if required. Each barrier also has two 22mm mounting holes in the top that allow screens to be installed, removing the distraction of work zone activity for drivers. Due to the harsh conditions these products encounter this product is superior in its ability to withstand medium speed impact 70kmh, extremes in weather conditions and every day wear and tear.


TL-2 Water Filled Barriers are tested to AASHTO MASH-1 standard and are rated for TL-2 (70 km/h).

Barrier Length 2000mm
Barrier Height 1000mm
Barrier Width 580mm
Pin to Pin Length when Connected 1700mm
Empty Weight 62kg
Filled Weight 660kg


  • Construction areas
  • Work zones
  • Crowd control
  • Temporary road blocks
  • Public works projects
  • Special events/sporting events
  • Traffic Channelizing



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