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  • 26 March 2024

Safe Hire have added a NEW course to our wide range of courses

Click here for more information → Safely Operate a Concrete Saw 

Topics include:

  • Safe handling and use of a hand held concrete saw
  • Types of blades
  • Maintenance of hand held concrete saws
  • Environmental issues
  • Risks associated with silica dust PPE requirements

On completion of this course participants will:

  • Describe concrete saws, types and applications
  • Prepare for operations - start up and shut down
  • Demonstrate care of the equipment and work area
  • Cut surfaces with concrete saws
  • Avoid environment issues

Who should attend:
All general workers - including roading, utilities and drainage contractors and supervisors, involved in construction works requiring the use of hand held concrete saws in their daily activities.

Most at risk are operators of hand-held concrete and masonry saws. This equipment is more prone to the violent forces unleashed when a saw blade jams inside a cut than from fixed saws.

These forces, commonly referred to as kick-back, push-back or pull-in, are difficult and sometimes impossible to control, and place the operator at risk of serious and potentially fatal injury from an out-of control circular saw.
Many minor roadwork and maintenance contract jobs require use of concrete saws for repairs and installation of services, drainage, crossings, kerbing, driveways, footpaths, manholes and concrete pipes, inspection chambers and kerb and channel construction.
This course aims to give workers knowledge of the safe use, kick back and injuries relating from the use of high powered saws. 


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