Access becomes easy with the Tracked Spider

  • 18 June 2020

Tracked spider lift with crane available for hire at Safe Hire and Access Hire Nelson and Blenheim

With credits to Ecotectural Build on their excellent video.

The TRACCESS 230, a compact tracked boom lift with 23 metres work height and 12 metres horizontal reach has joined our fleet! 

Bi-energy so suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications where there is limited access. 
A stowed height of less than 2 m and a width of less than 80 cm, meaning it passes through standard doors and narrow entrances.
+/- 320 ° turret rotation allows you to reach the correct working position easily and safely.
90° right + 90° left hydraulic basket rotation.
Ideal for any terrain thanks to the placement of “slide-on” and personalised designed, which contribute to the stabilisation of the TRACCESS 230.

That's not all...


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