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Elevated Work Platform HIANZ Silver Card Course

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Why EWP Training is so essential: 

  • If you’re an employer it’s your duty to ensure that your EWP Operators are adequately trained.
  • Giving your team professional elevated platform training is part of taking all practicable steps to ensure employees safety whilst working at heights.
  • Training increases confidence and gives awareness of possible hazards that would likely be missed prior to the training.
  • Most large companies are insisting on contractors having a recognised qualification.

Course Overview:

This is a one day course involving a combination of theory and practical application, providing the essential safety and compliance information that underpins the safe use of  Elevated Work Platforms.


The Health & Safety at Work Act (HSWA) states that one aspect of ensuring that employees can carry out work safely is making sure that employees have adequate knowledge, experience and training. This course ensures your company is legislatively compliant, and your staff will have been made aware of the relevant Best Practices and guidelines related to EWP machinery operations.

Who Should Attend:

This training course is designed for people who wish to, or are required to develop the skills and knowledge s needed to operate an elevated work platform effectively and an understanding of workplace and operational hazards of their use. This is a one day course that involves a combination of theory and practical application. Participants may complete singular or multiple EWP types, according to the type of work they undertake.

Course Outline:

Attendees will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in: 

  • Health and Safety Legislative Requirements
  • Types of Elevated Work Platforms (EWP’s)
  • EWP Compliance Requirements
  • Hazard identification, risk assessment and controls
  • Fall arrest harness inspection, fitting and use
  • Conduct pre and post operational checks
  • Safe Operation of EWP
  • Emergency procedures, Rescue Plans
  • Theory & Practical assessments, observation and demonstration.


Learners are enrolled with Skills and assessed by a Skills registered assessor. On successful completion of the course, results are reported by Skills to NZQA and recorded on learner's NZROA (New Zealand Record of Achievement). You will receive an EWP Operator ID card and certificate as proof of your training and competency. Note, processing of certificates and cards can take up to 30 days.

Upon successful completion of the course, the applicable assessed unit standards will be reported to The Skills Organisation who will register these on your NZQA Record of Achievement.  You will then receive an EWP Operator ID Card as Proof of training and competency.

On request a temporary certificate/notice can be issued via our office the following day, this can be used when operating machinery until you receive the hard copy of your EWP Operator Silver Card. 

Make a Booking/Inquiries:

If you can’t find a desired date for this course or have any questions regarding the course, please contact our team on 0508 546 411 or feel free to make an online inquiry.

Onsite and Company Training: 

We're prepared to go where you are!

Bringing our training experts to your premises can be a real time and money saver if you have a larger number of staff to qualify. Even if you dont have the facilities for training, company training is also an efficient way to save and we can provide for your whole team at our premises instead. If you would like to know more about how this would work for your organisation, please send us your enquiry or call the office on 0508 546411 to speak with one of the team about your requirements.


Course Details

Topics Available:

  • Scissor Lift
  • Vertical Lift
  • Self Propelled Boom
  • Trailer Mounted Boom
  • Truck Mounted Boom

Upon completion of your EWP Silvercard course, you will recieve NZQA Unit Standards in the following:

Standard Units:

  • Unit 23966 Describe types of elevating work platforms (EWPS), and legislative requirements for their use.
  • Unit 23960 Assess the worksite, prepare and operate a scissor lift elevating work platform.
  • Unit 23962 Assess the worksite, prepare and operate a self-propelled boom lift elevating work platform.

Optional Units:

  • Unit 23963 Assess the worksite, prepare and operate a trailer-mounted elevating work platform.
  • Unit 23964 Assess the worksite, prepare and operate a vertical lift elevating work platform.
  • Unit 23961 Assess the worksite, prepare and operate a truck-mounted elevating work platform.

Optional unit standards can be completed as well as the set units above at additional cost or can replace unit 23960 and/or 23962. Unit 23966 is the Legislative unit and is a prerequisite.


This is a one day course commencing at 8am. It consists of 8 hours training composed of theory and practical.  

Upcoming Courses:


  • 23rd June 2022
  • 7th July 2022
  • 21st July 2022
  • 9th August 2022
  • 23rd August 2022
  • 1st September 2022
  • 13th September 2022
  • 22nd September 2022


  • 30th June 2022
  • 14th July 2022
  • 18th August 2022
  • 8th September 2022
  • 27th September 2022

Please ask, if these dates don't suit or if you have any specific requirements. We'll do our best to help!

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